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Smart ERP (POS) System

The most widespread and demanding system since it was launched with the beginning of the imposition of the tax system in KSA. Smart ERP confidently outperforms all other sales systems. It is not only a point-of-sale system, it is a comprehensive and integrated administrative system through which enable users of managing establishments such as shops, stores and all commercial activities. Some of its adva...


Sewing Managment Software System

Smart Life offers you The Sewing Management System, an online software system that is ideally designed to manage sewing factories and stores with their branches at any time of the day and is linked to a single management system through customer demand management. The program allows customers to register, add contact details, and manage their application details....


Investor Management System

It is an online system designed to serve beneficiaries and shareholders in companies to see the profits owed to them at the end of each specific period....


HR Management System

It is the human resources management system for organizations and companies, especially the third sector. It provides all related to the human resources management services through which employees can submit applications, follow up their rights and review the company's regulations and laws....


Schools Management System

An integrated management system for schools in all sectors and services from senior management to cafeteria services....


Akfa'a Website

The program seeks to provide full communication between retirees and those wishing to benefit from these energies through the website....


Rased "Observer" System

An electronic system that allows parents to follow up their children's attendance at school by receiving SMS notification when children go to school and using a fingerprint for attendence, which in turn will show parents the exact time of their children arrival at school. Also, if the child is late or absent from school, his/her parents will receive notification via SMS. In addition, there will be limite...